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Additional Activities & Things To Do:
There are many additional activities and fun things to do at Talking Rocks Cavern! We offer Cave Country mini-golf, gem mining or sluicing, speleo crawl boxes, nature trails, a scenic lookout tower, picnic areas and a fully stocked gift shop with many rare and unusual “one-of-a-kind” items to remember your visit to Talking Rocks Cavern.
Cave Tours  - We offer a 1 hour long, guided walking tour of Talking Rocks Cavern. The tour is both awe inspiring and educational. You will learn about the cave's discovery, related history, as well as the mineral deposits and other geological information during the tour. Physically, the cave is a vertical cave, so there are stairs and some narrow passages on the tour. Come and explore nature's gem, and be sure to bring your camera!
Cave Country Mini-Golf is one of our most popular surface activities. Starting at the sinkhole (A.K.A. Hole #1) you will follow the mostly tree-shaded course to the 9th hole. Along the way you will learn interesting facts about groundwater, sinking streams and many other things. Special discount pricing is available with cave tours.
Gemstone mining also called “sluicing” is another of one of our fun, educational activities. Purchase a bag of “mining rough” in our gift shop and head to the Sluicing area. Using our sluicing troughs and screened sluice boxes you will learn how to recognize semi-precious gems and minerals from around the world. The excitement of discovering a treasure is fun for everyone!
Speleo Boxes - A crawl through one, or both, of our SpeleoBox mazes is always a favorite! Enter the maze and crawl along winding, twisting passages. This fun activity simulates caving techniques through wooden cave passages and can be experienced by people of all ages.
Nature Trails - A walk on one of our four nature trails can be an inspiringly wonderful way to experience nature up close. There is a trail for everyone from the youngest hiker to the very experienced. Located along the trails you will experience Missouri outdoors at its best. You will not be disappointed!
Edutainment - The educational information you receive while visiting Talking Rocks Cavern is what we like to call “edutainment”. Valuable information about caves and caverns, as well as eco-tourism, informs our guests about the science in nature and the incredible formations that are present here.
*Tickets are valid any day of travel. One hour guided tours depart frequently all day.
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